Case Study: The sky’s the limit

How one client discovered an entirely new direction in life through vocational guidance and has been in the clouds ever since.


As a hotel and leisure graduate, W had spent a number of years working in a variety of roles from office work to hotel receptionist. Unhappy with her work, finding it undemanding and lacking satisfaction she had a desire for direction but at the same time was mindful of her situation and fearful of making a mistake.


To build W’s confidence and identify career opportunities that were realistic and interesting for her to explore as well as prepare and support her for a potential change in direction.


We began by identifying what W enjoyed in her current and recent work roles as well as the aspects she particularly disliked, identifying her strengths, skills and weaker areas. We established her priorities and aims and used sophisticated psychometric tools to analyse and evaluate potential careers for Wendy.

Through a combined approach of coaching and training W was supported in her career exploration and opportunities both professionally and personally (hobbies/pastimes) were identified. We were able to review her CV and help her tailor it to her chosen job. W received guidance and training on interview and assessment processes specific to her career choice.

The results:THE RESULTS:

We were able to help W to identify a career path that she loves and going to work every day is now a pleasure and not a chore.

She had the confidence to apply for two positions within a short space of time and was offered a training position at her second job interview.

W now uses her customer service skills, love of travel and meeting people as a fully qualified flight attendant, travelling around the world with a large international airline.

Imagine our surprise when a colleague, flying to Malta heard the words “Is there anything I can help you with Sir?” and looked up to find W smiling at them.