Hybrid Packages

These are comprehensive, 12 x 90-minute, sessions packaged into an annual, pre-paid agreement.

You select between 8 x Coaching or 8 x Supervision sessions. Each packages includes an additional 4 x Training sessions. All service extras, such as the use of accredited psychometric tools are free. An travel costs for face to face sessions at your location or workplace will be discounted.

The total annual package (12 sessions in all, over a 12-14 month period) is a single, pre-paid fee of £1500.

If you have already had some sessions (coaching, supervision, training etc.) and wish to take advantage of this package, sessions you have already had will be counted as completed sessions within the 12 sessions and any fees paid will be deducted from the package price. For example, if you had paid for and completed 3 supervision sessions at £150 per session, i.e. paid £450, then you will have a further 5 supervision and 4 training sessions left and would only have to pay (£1500 – £450) £1050.

Included, free of additional charges:

  • 12 sessions over a flexible 12-14 month period.
  • You select between 8 Coaching or 8 Supervision sessions (one type only) plus 4 Training sessions.
  • Training sessions can be bespoke or selected from our 90-Minute Development Programmes.
  • The 90-Minute Development Programmes include topics such as Resilience, Confidence, Leadership, Communication, Team Work, Change, Strength, Soft Skills and Presentation skills.
  • All extras, such as the use of accredited commercial psychometric packages (if indicated) at no additional cost.
  • Total savings start at a minimum on £500 compared to booking individual sessions.

 Start with a Free Discovery session to discuss your needs and to plan the most appropriate package.

The total package fee must be paid in full, at least 2 days before your first appointment.

Compare the prices below:

ItemStandard FeePackage Price

8 x 90-minute Coaching/Supervision Sessions @£150 per session – total £1200

4 x 90-minute Training Sessions @200 per session – total £800

total £2000 total £1500 (saving £500)
 Use of accredited psychometric tools (if indicated) Additional charges apply Free
 Face-to-Face at your location/workplace Additional travel charges apply10% discount on additional travel charges

Compare the prices:

8 x 90-minute coaching or supervision sessions @ £150 (total £1200) plus 4 x 90-minute training sessions @ £200 (total £800) = £2000 discounted to £1500 (saving £500) in package

Use of Accredited psychometric tools, if indicated, would usually incur additional charges – Free in package

Face to Face meetings at your location or workplace incur additional charges – Discounted by 10% in package.

To explore your options, book a free, 60-minute discovery session below. Alternatively, use the form on the Contact Me page

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I have already paid for some sessions. Can I include those towards the package price? Yes, any payments already made will be reduced from the package price and any sessions already attended will be reduced from the total sessions.

Can I change the number of sessions in each category – for example have two more training sessions and reduce the other sessions by two? Yes, Speak to us and we can amend your contract.

Do I have to complete all 12 sessions within 12 months? No, the package allows you to complete over a 14 month period. If you have difficulties completing within this time, please contact us and we would most likely be able to extend that period.

If I change my mind after a few sessions, can I pay only for the sessions that I have completed? Yes, but you will have to pay for your sessions at the standard rate and we will refund the remainder.