Alison Cole

Organisational Psychologist

Improving performance with Business Psychology

Helping organisations recruit, retain and develop the very best talent

87% of millennial’s rated “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as one of their top priorities – Gallup

50% of work related ill-health is linked to stress and anxiety – HSE

71% of managers report meetings are unproductive and inefficient – Harvard Business Review

Alison Cole | Organisational Psychologist

Providing a diverse range of leading-edge services from conducting psychometric testing; to designing tailor-made exercises for your organisation for recruitment and development purposes to helping you shape and redesign your organisational structure for business success.

Whether you are a team, organization or leader, we offer an exceptional range of evidence proven, robust and focused services to enable you to select, develop and retain the talent you need in your business. Helping you to create high performing teams and realize the full potential of your people.