Alison Cole

Chartered Coaching Psychologist

Enabling you to make the changes want

Improving performance, achievement and wellbeing through scientific understanding

80% of organisations had or were using coaching in 2021- ILM

70% of coachees said that coaching had improved thier work performance, relationships and communications – IOC

86% of companies recovered their investment in coaching and more – ICF

Alison Cole | Coaching Psychologist

My clients benefit from my extensive training in the field of coaching. This enables me to draw on a vast range of approaches and techniques, and adapt to the needs of each client and context.

My approach is rooted in the scientific understanding of how people think, feel, and behave and comes with over 25 years of experience working as, and with senior leaders, middle managers and those earlier in their careers.

in addition to direct experience working in leadership roles. I bring a solution-focused style that is informed by evidence-based best practice and choose models and approaches for your needs and situation.

Through coaching, I am able to empower my clients, unlocking their potential and enhancing their performance, achievements and wellbeing.

“Alison asks pertinent questions which then challenge my perceptions and she has the ability to bring out my thoughts in a clearer and focused way”

Sarah Young | Therapist

What I can do for you

01 Resiliance

Adapt to life’s challenges in a more positive and engaged way to achieve your goals

02 Team

Discover your common goals and team identity, establishing trust and collaboration for shared success

03 Performance

Improve your performance and become more effective

04 Personal

Take responsibility for your future and unlock your potentiaTake responsibility for your future and unlock your potentials

05 Career &

Identify your potential, discover your passions and strengths, recognise obstacles, and embrace opportunities

06 Stress

Effectively handle stress and anxiety, improve your mental health and wellbeing

07 Leadership &

Gain awareness about how to become a more inspirational, impactful leader and unlock your potential

08 Health &

Empower yourself and support your health and wellbeing for a brighter future

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