Sean Riley CPsychol AFBPsS

I met Alison by chance through LinkedIn and we met to discuss coaching psychology and the potential routes that might be available for me pursue.

During this first meeting, Alison listened intently to my situation, background experience, aspirations, and goals, and once she had this information, she freely delivered sound advice as to process, procedure, and opportunities. Her knowledge is extensive, and when the subject of supervision was raised, it was without doubt that I would choose Alison.

My first session was truly memorable experience and having met one of my clients the day before, there was plenty to discuss. Alison created an environment of safety, and throughout the session, I was comfortable to speak openly and with candour, and whilst Alison challenged, which I would expect, it was done with expertise, empathy, and purpose. The time flew by, and I could have just kept going, instead I came away with many reflective notes and ideas for the avenues that I wished to explore Extremely effective supervision, and a truly enjoyable learning experience.

Sean Riley CPsychol AFBPsS.   Chartered Psychologist (Occupational)