Coaching Psychology – Thinking About Becoming Chartered?

There are currently three potential routes to becoming a Chartered Member of the BPS in coaching psychology.

  1. The Peer Review Transfer Route (which is open until December 2023)
  2. The Accelerated Route (which is open until December 2024)
  3. Professional Recognition Route

Stage I and Stage II/qualification route (in development)*

For members of the BPS who already hold Chartered Member status and you are on the Register of Coaching Psychologists (or you believe you were eligible to be on the Register in November 2021) then the Peer Review Transfer Route may be the route for you. Full details (including the application form) relating to this route can be found on the BPS website under the section Transfer for Chartered Members

If, you have not previously attained Chartered Member status but are a Graduate member of the BPS and can demonstrate that you have been working for a minimum of 5 years full time (or part time equivalent) as a coaching psychologist the Accelerated Route may be the one for you.

For those that hold BPS Graduate membership and can demonstrate a minimum of 3 years working full time (or part time equivalent) combined training and experience as coaching psychologist the Professional Recognition Route is potentially the route for you.

Through each of the routes there are a number of common themes:

  • The importance of supervised practice. As a guide, applicants must be undergoing supervision of their coaching psychology practice and be able to demonstrate a minimum of 8 sessions over the last 2 years with a suitably qualified Supervisor. (link to another blog)
  • Practitioners must hold current professional indemnity insurance (or be covered by their employer’s provision).
  • Be able to demonstrate continued professional development linked to coaching psychology.
  • Understanding and demonstration of the BPS Coaching Psychology level 8 standards across their practice (Level 8 Standards in Coaching Psychology).
  • Recognition of and adherence to BPS ethical practice guidelines (

* The BPS is in the process of establishing a qualification route in Coaching Psychology and working closely with Higher Education partners to develop and accredit a Stage One route involving a Masters degree in Coaching Psychology and a Stage Two, 2 year doctoral level qualification.

The BPS website has a useful flowchart ( ) to help you identify which route might be the most appropriate for you to follow.


If you have any queries regarding the above, please get in touch.

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