How do I choose a Supervisor?

Coaching and coaching psychology are both growing fields that are becoming increasingly popular. As more people recognize the benefits of these approaches, it is likely that the demand for coaching and coaching psychology services will continue to grow. Additionally, advances in technology are making coaching and coaching psychology more accessible to a wider range of individuals, regardless of their location or schedule. A vital part of a practitioner’s continuing professional development is engaging professional supervision, however, finding the “right” coach Supervisor can often feel like a challenge, especially when you are working towards or thinking about attaining recognition with a coaching body or organisation.

When choosing who to work with consider:

  • What are the requirements specified by your governing body or training organization? Are they recognised supervisors with that governing body and if so, how familiar are they with the requirements of the qualification or training route?
  • How long have they been practising? Do they have the range and breadth of experience you need for your supervision to be of value at this stage of your professional development?
  • What training have they done? What are their credentials? What professional bodies are they recognized by and at what level? This applies to their supervision training as well as their coaching training.
  • Look at their references and testimonials.
  • Are they fully insured? Never feel embarrassed to ask about this, it is an indicator of their professional practice.
  • Do they have regular and appropriate supervision themselves? (link to blog on importance of supervision)
  • Consider too, how well you get on. Supervision is an important relationship and it is important that you and your supervisor have a strong rapport.


If you have any specific questions linked to supervision please contact me.

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